Being a woman means many wonderful things. Being a daughter. A sister. A girlfriend. And for many, being a mother. Being a woman has its challenges, too – including unique physical and emotional conditions that affect your daily well-being.

Being Hemp™ was born of a desire to alleviate these conditions; to enable and empower women to reach a better, more balanced state of being. Every facet of our development and production process supports this focus.


Our proprietary formulations all begin with pure, nanotized CBD that delivers 18x greater absorption for superior effectiveness. Our patented nano process encapsulates CBD molecules to dramatically improve survival in the digestive system, where endocannabinoid receptors are plentiful. We then meticulously curate and add nature’s most notable and effective botanicals, ensuring Being Hemp™ products consistently deliver optimal relief for a variety of conditions women face, daily.


We use only the highest quality, organic hemp that’s sustainably grown on US farms – free of herbicides and pesticides – and nurtured under our watchful, maternal eye.

We unconditionally guarantee our products to be of the utmost quality, purity, and consistency – and we post the third-party testing Certificates of Analysis for every batch to back that up.

Finally, we know you want heightened well-being, not a high; all of our products are 0% THC, unlike many other hemp oil brands.


Our mission is singular and simple: enriching the lives of women around the world by enhancing their well-being with incredibly effective products made wholly for women.

Being Hemp. Being your best self.